Mahrajan Islami




“The Spirit of The Past Propels Us into the Future” inspired Mahrajan Islami event on January 30th, 2018. We are as the Muslims 21st generations have to learn from Islamic heroes and heroines to make better future. The event was started by the opening remark from Ustadz Khoirul Ihsan Hasibuan as the Vice Principal of Islamic Studies. In this opportunity he reminded the students about the importance of learning about Islamic histories and takes the lessons for the future.

Students learnt Islamic values by joining some competitions. There are tahfizh, Arabic spelling baa, Speech, calligraphy, smart quiz and storytelling about prophets.



PIP (Parents Information Program)

PIP is an event where school explains the programs for one year ahead. Alhamdulillah, this academic year, it was conducted on July 22nd, 2017 from 08.00 until 11.30 a.m. in multi-function hall of Syafana Islamic School.

Ust. Marjak, S.S as the principal of Syafana Islamic School-Primary has expressed his gratitude to teachers, parents, management, security, SM,GA and all parties that have worked hard together and has supported each other  to make the education process of  2017-2018 academic year run successfully.

Furthermore, he bears to mind about the importance of good cooperation and communication between parents at home and teachers at school. It is necessary because children mostly spend their time from 07.30 to 15.00 P.M. at school with the teachers. Parents may use many ways to communicate with the teachers such as social media (WA, phone call, BB) and school also provide communication book as media of communication between parents and teachers. (MJ)

At the end of his speech, he has introduced the best teachers’ team for Primary 2 up to primary 6. Here are the teachers’ teams for 2017-2018academic year.

Primary 2 Level

Level Homeroom Teachers’ Name
Primary 2 A Iwa Koswara, S.Pd.I, M.Pd Wiwit Yuliyanti Lestari, S.Pd.
Primary 2 B Mustofa, Lc, S.Pd Fitri Imas Mufidah, S.Pd
Primary 2 C Ajro Wilpa, S.Pd.I Popi Rosepti, S.Pd
Primary 2 D Syamsul Hadi, S.E.I Yanti Susilawati, S.Pd.
Primary 2 E Wahyu Hidayat, S.S. Widra Yanti, S.Pd
Primary 2 F Febriyani Lestari, S.Si Irwan Ridwana, S.Pd.I
Primary 2G Ahmad Fauzi, Lc Riana Rizki Agustia, S.Pd


Primary 3 Level

Level Homeroom Teachers’ Name
Primary 3 A Saparuddin, S.Sos.I Suci Supratiwi, S.Psi
Primary 3 B Dimas Hadam Karunia, S.I.P Enny Andri Astuti, S.E.
Primary 3 C Zaki Zamratul Ikhwan, S.Pd Yayuk Haryanti, S.Pd
Primary 3 D Arif Wibowo, S.Q., S.Pd.I. Mustika Widiati Cholik, S.Pd
Primary 3 E Yuni Ghaitsani, S.Pd Rini Ifadati, S.Pd
Primary 3 F Abu Said Attabari, Lc Nurkarimah, S.E / Tri LaelyFebriayani, M.Pd
Primary 3 G Kurniawan Wirdaliyah, S.S

Primary 4

Level Homeroom Teachers’ Name
Primary 4 A Anggara Riscana, S.Pd.I Maulina Nur Latifah, S.Pd.I
Primary 4 B Mochammad Ridhwan Musthofa, Lc Eliza Fitriani Natungga, S.Sos., S.Pd.I.
Primary 4 C Siti Muidah Romli, Lc Ali Syafaat, S.Pd.
Primary 4 D Abdul Rohim, Lc Metty Nurbaity, S.Sos.
Primary 4 E Jamal Ayi Amaliah, S.Pd
Primary 4 F Tri Suci Adhiyani Niken Elfi Niamah, S.Pd
Primary 4 G Siprul Ahyar Lc Ricke Octaviana, S.P


Primary 5

Level Homeroom Teachers’ Name
Primary 5 A Abdul Haris, Lc Sri Widia Astuti, S.S.
Primary 5 B Aliya, Lc Asep Mahmud,S.S, M.Pd
Primary 5 C Muhamad Mulyanto, Lc Neli Ismalia, S.Pd
Primary 5 D Bintu Syaifa Al-Aziza, Lc Setyawan Yulianto, S.Pd
Primary 5 E Umar Nur, Lc Bethi Anik Purwati, S.Pd
Primary 5 F Rahmat Hidayat, Lc Donna Apriani, S.S


Primary 6

Level Homeroom Teachers’ Name
Primary 6 A Uly Ni matil Izzah, Lc Fathurachman Suhendi, S.Pd., M.Pd
Primary 6 B Sahid Abdullah, Lc Sri Hastuti, S.Pd.
Primary 6 C Salyono Siswo Utomo, Lc Gwi Widayani, S.S
Primary 6 D Zainal Mubarok, S.Pd Siti Ulfah Septianti, S.Pd.
Primary 6 E Saiful Mujab, Lc. Anis Kusumaningrum, S.S.
Primary 6 F Hariyanto Rangkuti, S.Pd.I Restu Indria, S.Pd

Graduation Day

Saturday, 10th of June 2017 was a big day for Primary students batch fourth. They were inaugurated after finishing all programs in Syafana Islamic School and ready to continue to higher level of education.

In his speech, the principal said that graduated from Primary is not the end but it is the beginning of the long journey of education. So, you may be happy and grateful to Allah SWT but there will be more challenging in the future.

The graduation has started at 08.00 A.M, not only inaugurating students by giving the medals and certificates as well as some performances were showed by Primary level for the last time.

Congratulations students, our door are always open to welcome you at any time. May Allah SWT always be in every path of your life.

Eid Adha 1347H Event

14316773_155745844871844_8728375017684857277_nSyafana Islamic School held an event of Idul Adha 1437 H on Tuesday, 13th September 2016. The goal of the event is to introduce students about the glorious faith of prophet Ibrahim alaihissalam and Ismail alaihissalam. This year Syafana Islamic School managed to raise 57 goats and 4 cows, the animals came from purchases facilitated by the committee, and the rest were animals whose acquisition coordinated by Syafana- Parents Teachers Association.


Not all animals were slaughtered at the school, there were 47 live goats distributed to residents around the schools, namely, kampong Kongsi Baru, Curug Nagrek, Curug  Sangerang, Cibogo, Kelapa Dua, Serpong Garden, Lengkong Kulon, Lengkong Kyai, Pabuaran, Cigaten, Kalipaten, Pakulonan and Cihuni and many more. resize

Hopefully the contribution of all those who have supported this event rewarded with good deed and slaughtering of the mudhohhi accepted by Allah SWT as a form Taqorrub, amen



In order to increase the Kindergarten teachers’ knowledge and practical skill in using natural building block game, a specific training was held on August 29, 2016 in Gading Serpong campus, and on August 30, 2016 in Graha Raya campus. There were a lot of benefits that could be gained through this natural building block game towards the children’s development of cognitive, physical motoric and social-emotional. This training is so important because this academic year Syafana Kindergarten has updated the playground arcades and its educational games as well internationally. All of these programs have been realized due to the continuous improvement of educational quality in Syafana Islamic School.