The aim of our school is to realize the full potential of all students within dynamic learning environment

School Day
Primary 1 - 2
Monday – Friday 07.30 – 14.00
Primary 3 - 6
Monday – Friday 07.30 – 15.00

National Curriculum
Syafana Islamic School is a school that thinks globally but doesn’t forget its own roots. To make students understand about our country, cultures, and imbedded with nationalism, we enrich students by learning Bahasa, Social studies and Civics knowledge based on DIKNAS curriculum.

International Curriculum
Syafana Islamic School has a commitment to educate the students to have a broader knowledge not only nationally but also internationally. Therefore, we encourage students to understand and learn about science and maths done in full English. Since Syafana Islamic School has English and Arabic environments, students must speak in English for their daily communication. In supporting this program, we have qualified ESL teachers and apply TIP (Total Immersion Program) in our daily communication.

Al-Azhar Cairo Curriculum
Syafana Islamic School has a strong foundation of Islamic values which is based on Al-Qur’an and Hadits. In order to support this goal, we have adopted Al-Azhar Cairo’s curriculum for Islamic studies. There are Islamic lessons (delivered in Arabic which start from Primary 4 in semester 2), Arabic, and Tahfizh.  Besides that, Syafana Islamic Students are obligated to memorize 6 juz  in six years. We also encourage students to communicate in Arabic with teachers and friends at school.

Competitive Extra-curricular
Syafana Islamic School assures that each child is excellent. In order to facilitate them, we offer 20 kinds of Extra-curricular programs which students can follow, some of them are futsal, basketball, badminton, angklung, traditional dance, science club, music, pencaksilat, young entrepreneur, broadcasting, design and more.


Tahfizh (reciting Qur’an)
Islamic Studies
Social studies
Physical Education
Information and Technology