"Secondary level is a continuity of the primary programs when the 3 curriculums, National, Cambridge (IGCSE) and Al-Azhar Cairo are implemented. In addition, students at this level have started to prepare themeselves to be junior researchers, where all subjects are taught in the form of project-based approach".

Lower secondary
upper secondary
School Day
Monday – Friday
07.00 – 15.30

Cambridge Check point and IGCSE (Science, Math and English)

Having a foundation of international programs is required for all secondary students. Students are taking Check-point program for the 1st three semesters and IGCSE (Science, Mathematics and English) for the other 3 semesters. The IGCSE Exam is offered through subject teachers’ recommendations.

Project-based approach: being a junior researcher

As a part of future plan design, it is important for the students to start doing simple research in their learning process. Hence, all subjects are designed through project-based approach in order to reach the goals.

Leadership and entrepreneurship

In line with our school motto “Creating Dynamic Muslims to be Future Leaders”, leadership and entrepreneurship activities are also becoming parts of learning activities in secondary level.

National Curriculum

Syafana is an Indonesian school. Therefore, the curriculum is in line with the national policy. The Implementation of Curriculum 2013 concept (Spiritual, Social, Knowledge and life skill competencies) has been done since the 1st year of its establishment.

Overseas Scholarship

Provide scholarship programs at leading universities in the Netherlands, Germany and Egypt for outstanding students who meet the qualification standards.