SBC Canford Summer School Day 3 (10th July 2019).

As usual in the morning, students had their English Class. After lunch, they had a different activity. On Wednesday the students did some “multi-activity”. The activities were: football, garden games, flower painting and summer pom-poms. Students were able to choose what activity they wanted to join. Dillah chose flower painting and garden games, while the boys mostly played football and garden games as their second activity.

After they had their dinner, they continued with the “Trashion Show”. In this activity students were divided into 13 groups. The aim of this activity was to show students creativity, each of the group got some cardboard, glue, papers and masking-tape also some origami. They created some clothes with different themes. Luckily Akbar, Zhiza and Dava could be in the same group, they chose ‘robotic show’ as their theme. Whilst Dillah’s group chose ‘weeding dress’ which they wore for their theme. Gusti’s group chose ‘house-maid’ costume as their theme.

Summer School Day 4 (11th July 2019)
Students attended their morning English class until lunch time. After lunch, the activity prepared by the SBC team were: rocket-making, dream catchers, rounder, netball, board games. Dillah chose rocket making and dream catchers. Meanwhile Zhiza chose netball and rocket making. Akbar chose netball and board games. Rainar and Dava preferred netball and rounder, whilst Gusti chose rounder and board games. They all had a fun time. After that they returned to their house met their house-parents, engaged chit-chat with their friends also did sholat dzuhur together with ashar.

Canford School, Wimborne Dorset United Kingdom, reported by sydh @rezkifauzia