“We are little entrepreneur”

On Thursday September 22th 2016, Syafana Islamic School Graha Raya was held Entrepreneur Event. The purpose of this event is to encourage the students to be future success entrepreneur. So we took the theme “We are little entrepreneur”. In addition to, the students could improve their confidence to sell and promote the things and also communicate to their friends. In this event the students become seller, buyer and cashier. There are three students from each class K1 and K2. They have duty to keep their own stand. resize IMG_4513

The students sold any kinds of product such as meal box, tumbler, puzzle, small bag, pencil case, doll, and etc. This event was divided into two groups. First group are from K2 and Playgroup Al Kindi students. The second groups are from K1 and Al Zahrawi students. In the opening was attended by first group and lead by Sydh Firza as Principal. She opened the event by cutting the ribbon and flying the balloons in the Syafana Graha Market. It located was the parking area. After that they allowed to come to market area. They looked exited with the market because it was looked like real market. The buyers were brings the plastic and money (ticket) to buy what did they want to buy. For the seller they shout loudly for calling someone to buy their own products.

resize IMG_4531Finally they got the things what did they want. After shopping, they take a picture from each class and holding their plastic. They showed their big smile because they can feel like mom or dad did when shopping time. Thank to parents for the cooperation and support us for this Entrepreneur event. Next time, we hope this event can develop and give advantage for the students