English Club Launching Voice Mag #1 Edition

Article by Nayla Syifana G7

On 6th April 2018, Leadership Publication Committee, representing Syafana Islamic School’s Secondary students, launched our very first magazine—called “VOICE”. This magazine is an initiative of EnglishClub@SIS.  It’s original and made ‘by students for students’.

It was not easy for those of us who volunteered – it took 2 weeks to compile all the content of the “VOICE” magazine. Even when we’re done, we still had to edit to make our very first magazine originally published. Being part of the committee made us learn more how to write stories/articles, interview, do Internet research, source graphics, edit, manage our time, make decisions, see things from a reader’s point of view, work in a team. We’re really happy and proud when the magazine was finally published. The proceeds from this magazine will go to charity and our secondary student’s council.

This Voice magazine is a platform for Syafana Secondary students to express themselves through their talents, achievements, ideas, opinions and hobbies. In this magazine we can see what’s happening in all extracurricular activities. Through this magazine we can see that every student has talents in different fields. Not only that, this magazine is very suitable for many ages, especially teenagers. This magazine includes articles that are related to modern lifestyle; yet contain Islamic and educational values, which is a good reference for Muslim teenagers.