Syafana International Edufair 2020

Syafana Islamic School Upper Secondary for the first time held a large educational exhibition because it involved several Universities and Institution, not only from the country, but also from abroad. Where every move is completely limited in pandemic condition, We find it difficult to carry this exhibitions out off-line. That is why we decided to hold Syafana International Edu Fair virtually with ‘A step towards a milestone’ as our theme. The objective of this event was to provide various information about life in both public and private universities in Indonesia and prestigious universities abroad. This is in line with what was conveyed by Salsa, a social studies students in Grade 11 and the Chairperson of the Syafana Islamic School Upper Secondary Student Council in his remarks at the opening ceremony,
“Our vision for this event is to give an opportunity for our student to be one step closer to reach their dream of getting into a prestigious university of their choice.”

Which universities were involved in this event?
The universities and institutions which involved in this event are certainly well-known by the wide community, including,
a. PTN (State Universities): University of Indonesia (UI), Gajah Mada University (UGM), Padjadjaran University (Unpad), Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), etc.,
b. PTS (Private Universities): Swiss German University (SGU), Prasetya Mulya (Prasmul), Sampoerna University, Binus University, etc.,
c. PTLN (Overseas Colleges): Concord University, University of Calgary, Mumtaza, Heriot Watt University, University of Nevada and many more.

This event was held for two days, 14th-15th December 2020, from 08.00 – 15.30 WIB virtually through the Zoom Conference Meeting platform.

How was the event conducted?
Each university was given about 45 minutes to do their presentations via main zoom and divided into two rooms. Participants were free to choose which room they wanted to join based on their interests. In addition, we provided a website that contained booths for the universities and institutions involved in this event. After having watched the main zoom presentation, participants were allowed to visit our website to find out more information about the university they were interested in.

“And we are sure that this kind of event is eagerly awaited by Indonesian students in exploring various valuable information about their desired university,” said Managing Director of Syafana Media Insani, Mr. Nanang Firdaus Masduki in his speech.

Alhamdulillaah, finally, this event was attended by approximately five thousand participants over the two days.

The success of this event is of course because there are great people behind it. We are very grateful to have creative and confident students running this event. Under the guidance of teachers, all student council members were involved from drafting, making proposals, inviting universities, and many more activities they had done in order to prepare for this event. It was certainly not easy, but with hard work, co-operation, and confidence, this international event ran well and smoothly.

“The success of this event lies on the solid collaboration between the committee and the participants. I hope that we can run such this event regularly in the future,”said Mr. Sainur Rahim, Principal of Syafana Islamic School Upper Secondary.

Welcoming Prof. Dr. Ir. Dedi Priadi, DEA Vice-Chacellor of Human Resources and Treasurer of University of Indonesia (Wakil Rektor Bidang SDM dan Aset)

On Tuesday, 1st December 2020, Syafana Islamic School – Upper Secondary had a visit from one of the most important people of University of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Ir. Dedi Priadi, DEA.

Prof. Dedi is the Vice-Chancellor of Human Resources and Treasurer of the UI. (Wakil Rektor Bidang SDM dan Aset).
During the visit, he had given valuable insight on how to make Syafana is more recognised and acknowledged by the institution, one of the best universities in Indonesia and Asia.
He also stated that using hi-tech infrastructure in teaching and learning especially will be new normal.

So it is important for schools, especially Syafana to prepare as early as possible to anticipate the rapid changes in technology and adopt accordingly. Digital platform based teaching will be a key enabler to attract many students not only from Indonesia but also from other countries. Prof. Dedi admirers our school facilities and believes that Syafana Islamic School can be a school that can prepare for rapid global challenges.