Brighton City Excursion – A Memorable Journey

Date: Monday, 24th July 2023


On this eventful Monday, the SBC participants embarked on their second excursion, heading to the charming city of Brighton. The day began with a yummy breakfast at 8:20 am.

Shortly after, our efficient organiser, ED, divided us into groups, each led by a group leader, to organise the departure, bus allocation, and overall activities in Brighton.

At 9:00 am, with high enthusiasm, all participants and the team departed to Headington for Brighton, a journey estimated to take around two hours. As the clock struck 11:30 am, we arrived in the vibrant city of Brighton. The bus stopped at Medeiva Drive, where we were directed to enjoy a delightful lunch by the beautiful coastline.

During lunchtime, an unexpected surprise awaited us – flocks of birds approached, seeking to share our meal. Some of us gladly offered them bits of food, leading to an amusing and lively atmosphere as the birds fearlessly interacted with us, evoking both laughter and a sense of wonder. We captured these memorable moments through photos and videos to share later.

After a delightful seaside lunch, our next destination was the renowned Churchill Square Shopping Center, at the heart of Brighton’s shopping district. We were given approximately an hour to explore the centre, and it proved to be a shopper’s paradise. We indulged in purchasing various items, including toys, food, drinks, and souvenirs, with prices ranging from 1 to 15 pounds. I even found a stylish umbrella priced at 15 pounds – a bargain worth celebrating!

With our shopping spree complete, our excitement reached new heights, and we proceeded to I360 Brighton. This iconic tower, standing tall at West Pier Brighton, promised us a luxurious view of the entire city from a remarkable height of 162 meters.

The significance of the tower’s name, I360, was explained to us. The “I” stands for intelligence, innovation, and integrity, beautifully reflecting the essence of the structure.

Before ascending the tower, we first enjoyed the observation area, where the enchanting views of Brighton from above left us in awe for several minutes. The true magnificence of the city was revealed from this elevated point, bringing for lasting memories in our minds.

As we descended from the tower, we were greeted by a bunch of cafes and restaurants, enticing us with a wide array of delectable meals and beverages. However, we refrained from purchasing anything as we were informed that we would have another opportunity to explore the culinary delights of Brighton later at Pier Brighton.

Pier Brighton welcomed us with open arms, granting us leisure time to relish and savour the gastronomic offerings of this charming seaside spot. The organisers thoughtfully provided dinner vouchers, ensuring we could delight in the evening meal, hassle-free.

Content and elated, we commenced our return journey to Headington promptly at 6:00 pm, cherishing the delightful exhaustion that accompanies a day well-spent.

This excursion we experienced caused fatigue, satisfaction, and joy, culminating in a meaningful and memorable experience for all. As we say goodbye to Brighton, we remembered the adage “Study hard, travel hard.”

Headington Oxford, 25th July 2023.

Ali Syafaat &

Editor: Sydh Elza

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    It’s gonna the most memmorable experience in their life.

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