Welcoming Prof. Dr. Ir. Dedi Priadi, DEA Vice-Chacellor of Human Resources and Treasurer of University of Indonesia (Wakil Rektor Bidang SDM dan Aset)

On Tuesday, 1st December 2020, Syafana Islamic School – Upper Secondary had a visit from one of the most important people of University of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Ir. Dedi Priadi, DEA.

Prof. Dedi is the Vice-Chancellor of Human Resources and Treasurer of the UI. (Wakil Rektor Bidang SDM dan Aset).
During the visit, he had given valuable insight on how to make Syafana is more recognised and acknowledged by the institution, one of the best universities in Indonesia and Asia.
He also stated that using hi-tech infrastructure in teaching and learning especially will be new normal.

So it is important for schools, especially Syafana to prepare as early as possible to anticipate the rapid changes in technology and adopt accordingly. Digital platform based teaching will be a key enabler to attract many students not only from Indonesia but also from other countries. Prof. Dedi admirers our school facilities and believes that Syafana Islamic School can be a school that can prepare for rapid global challenges.

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