Chief of Seoul Education Department-South Korea Visit To Syafana Islamic School

Building relationship with countries whi20151126_121559ch have advance system for education will be advantage for our country especially Syafana Islamic School. It can improve our education quality and also enrich teachers and students’ knowledge.

It was our honored that Mr. Lew Je Cheon as the chief of Seoul Education Department, South Korea visited Syafana on May 7th, 2016. He and his wife were welcomed by our Chairperson Ibu. Ummulatipah, Managing Director Ust. Nanang Firdaus Masduki and Primary Principal Ust. Mantazakka.

In our discussion, he shared information about education in Korea. He also offered an opportunity to Syafana students and teachers to stay and study in Korea for students and teachers exchange program. He said that if Syafana students wanted to join the program, they were supposed to be good at English. He said that he is ready to propose recommended schools for students exchange program.

During the touring at school, he appreciated the facilities inside and outside the classroom. He also suggested to teachers and students would utilize them to support teaching and learning process.

Insya Allah, this is a good beginning for Syafana to build a relationship and conduct the program in short time. (MZ)

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