Creative Way to Spend Summer Break!


Greetings ✨
It is 02.24 in Oxford and here is an overview of our 7th Day Summer Boarding Course at Headington School, Oxford.

As usual, we pray subuh at 4 am and continue to prepare for today’s agenda. Our houseparents wake us up at 07.15 and ask us to get ready. After that, all students gather in the common room for a House Meeting. They inform us about the agenda for today. All the students listen to the information carefully because they know if they skip anything, they will be left clueless in the corner.

08.20 we walk to the canteen to have breakfast. We are patiently waiting in the queue to get our food. Today’s breakfast menu is chicken sausage, toast, eggs, salad, cereal, etc. Plenty of food to fill us and give us energy. It’s interesting to see all the students clean their plates and cutlery before they pile it up tidily to be washed by the kitchen staff, and they were automatically saying thank you and please for every request they made. It is simple but it’s a powerful way to build a generation.

The first item on the agenda is ‘Time to Shine’. At the Summer Boarding Courses, every student receives a ‘Time to Shine’ project. In this project, students have to research and prepare a presentation, talk, debate, or spoken performance on their given subject. These talks are then given in front of their classmates, and a selected number is then given in front of the entire summer school. It’s fun and a great way to develop presentation skills. And for the first half of ‘Time to Shine’, our student, Naila Resti Hafidzah, got a chance to be the MC. What a great opportunity! And for the record, she did a very good job as the MC today. Even Better, Indira Putri Possuma, Hana Rufaida Istinary Firdaus, and Chiara Pratista Astadewi with their own groups were selected as the best presentation so they can present in front of all the participants. Good job!

After that, we have ‘Multi Activities’, where all students are divided into groups based on their interests. There are a lot of options such as Tennis, Basketball, Tote Bag Decorating, Drama and Creative Writing.

In the evening session, there will be a party in the Main Hall. We are going to dance, talk, eat, share, and do a lot of fun stuff with all of our international friends. This will be a good chance to develop closer relationships with other participants.

That’s all for today’s feedback.

The schedule is so tight yet it gives us many unforgettable memories. It’s not only a summer course, but it’s a life beyond that. We can develop and learn many things here. Hopefully, this good experience will give you and me a better perspective about exposing our talent and skill globally.

Oxford, 23rd July 2023
Azalia Sabila, S.Pd

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