Eid Adha 1347H Event

14316773_155745844871844_8728375017684857277_nSyafana Islamic School held an event of Idul Adha 1437 H on Tuesday, 13th September 2016. The goal of the event is to introduce students about the glorious faith of prophet Ibrahim alaihissalam and Ismail alaihissalam. This year Syafana Islamic School managed to raise 57 goats and 4 cows, the animals came from purchases facilitated by the committee, and the rest were animals whose acquisition coordinated by Syafana- Parents Teachers Association.


Not all animals were slaughtered at the school, there were 47 live goats distributed to residents around the schools, namely, kampong Kongsi Baru, Curug Nagrek, Curug  Sangerang, Cibogo, Kelapa Dua, Serpong Garden, Lengkong Kulon, Lengkong Kyai, Pabuaran, Cigaten, Kalipaten, Pakulonan and Cihuni and many more. resize

Hopefully the contribution of all those who have supported this event rewarded with good deed and slaughtering of the mudhohhi accepted by Allah SWT as a form Taqorrub, amen

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