End Year Performance


Alhamdulillah, the End year performance – the last event from the academic calendar has run successfully. It has been divided into two sessions.  Primary 1,2 and 5 have performed in the 1st session and the next session was reserved for Primary 3 and 4. This year the theme for the event was “Syafana Generations Colour the World”. The story began with some students from Syafana Islamic School who studied in different universities around the world. They worked and studied hard to get their dream which they finally have reached reach it.

This event was enlivened by Dancing, pencak silat, tahfizh, scout, pantomime, stand-up comedy and many more.

We would like to deliver our gratitude and appreciation to all primary teachers, staff, GA, SM, Security, drivers of Syafana Islamic School and all parties who have supported our end year performance this year.

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