Innopreneur Week 2022 – Lower Secondary Syafana Islamic School

Written by Kayra G7B

These days, Innovations and Entrepreneurship play a big role in our lives, especially. That’s why Syafana Lower Secondary merged both of those creative topics and turned them into the ‘Innopreneur Event’, organised from Tuesday, 22nd – Thursday ,24th February 2022. This event expected students to develop and improve their communication, creative thinking, and leadership skills. Here’s how the event went.
Tuesday, 22nd February 2022, was the first day of the Innopreneur event 2022. At the opening, we were warmly greeted by the MC. This was followed by an inspirational speech by the Syafana Lower Secondary Principal, Ust Mantazakka. After the opening, we had a pre-promotion session, where all students from each group took turns to promote their product by showing their adverts and brochures. Thereafter, we continued the day with a special webinar, starring Ibu Damayanti, S.Psi, S.Pd. Many students stated that the webinar helped with how they could present, and how to improve their business. Overall the first day was a huge success.

The second day of the Innopreneur event started off with everyone preparing for their presentations. We previewed the activities from the day before, and we were required to present our business plans, and explain our products thoroughly. Since we did not have enough time for all categories, the day was especially dedicated to the Environment and Health sectors, as well as the Creative Economy sector, for the G9 students. All attention was focused on how each group represented their class and product in such detail, creative and innovative ways. The judges and audience overall were happy with everyone’s presentations and hard work.

Thursday, 24th February 2022, marked the last day of this event. Just like the previous day, everyone were hustling on their presentations. But this day, we focused on Technology, and Fashion, also continued with the other half of Creative Economy. The first half started off smoothly, most students answered the Judges’ reviews and comments amazingly. The second half was also a huge success. At the creative economy breakout room, everyone was so focused on each other’s presentations, looking so proud and relieved after presenting.

On the following day, the long-awaited winners’ announcement took place. After three days presenting, promoting, and sheer hard work, the judges announced the winners. Which are the following classes/group:

G7 : 7B (Waste Hero) – Nala, Amanda, Kayra, Rafa, Rafi, Nabil
G8 : 8C (Garbage & Go) – Nadia, Nana, Nayyara, Gia, Rashya, Kemal)

G7 : 7A (Mr. Fuzz) – Amanda, Bilqis, Bram, Cinta, Hafidz, Najla
G8: 8F (Aromameds) – Zahra, Moza, Nabila, Hasya, Teora

G7: 7A (OPTI-E) – Akhdan, Azzam, Enzo, Aya, Reno, Gerrad
G8: 8B (Ratte-Bot) – Ghani, radiel, zhafran, kekoa, dwayne, akasyah

G7: 7A (Saddlemic) – Athaya, Alyssa, Chansa, Tsamara
G8: 8F (Smart hat) – Balqis, Lady, Mutia, Keisha, Belva

Creative Economy
1st : G9A group 3 (Billbrot) : Icha, Anisa, Lana, Lovely, Athaya
2nd: G9B group 3 (trash to stash) : Pasya, Alisya, Alsha, Nawra, Syahla
3rd : G9C group 4 (daily budd) : Keira, Yumi, Nisa, Anggun

Favorite winners
(taken from Syafana metabox @ 11.30)
G7: 7B (Waste hero)
G8 : 8E (eco waste)
G9: 9C (Recoop)

At the end of the day, everyone did absolutely amazing. The Innopreneur event concluded with a lesson and grant experience for everyone: to try again and again, not to give up easily, and improve what we have learned.

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  • Elza Oktora

    Amazing review about the event! Love it! You’ve got the talent in writing skills, Kayra. Keep it up!

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