Mid-Semester Examination – First Semester 2021 Lower Secondary – Syafana Islamic School

Teaching and learning is a holistic process. It is not necessarily only to assess how far students have understood the concepts or knowledge learnt, but examinations is also an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their teaching ways and methodologies. Moreover, the school is able to assess how much learning can be better facilitated and customised to students’ learning styles or needs.

Based on our evaluation over the past few years, we’ve decided to review our examination policies. This time for the 1st mid semester examinations we have applied new rules and regulations for Lower Secondary to use surveillance devices during the examinations. This policy is to ensure that each student has appropriate monitoring to ensure that everyone feels they are treated equally. The device also has the benefit of maintaining the focus of our students to complete the exams without being distracted.

We certainly hope that using this monitoring system during the examinations can build mutual trust between teachers, parents and students, not only result in good marks, but most importantly to raise self-confidence and responsibility of our students as they engage in life-training. We wish our students the best and that all the examinations processes will run smoothly and successfully.

Some parents have given positive feedback to our Homeroom Teachers regarding of using the surveillance tools for our mid-semester examinations. Even though there were also some who unsure how much it would benefit our students before the exams started.

The reason is that learning will be more impactful when the School has full support from home. We are grateful so far to our parents who are very supportive and accommodative about their child’s learning.

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  • Arkan Fairuz

    pls do not quote this on something but uhm yeah I do agree that test/exam is a good way to test student’s ability

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