22nd October 2019 was the most memorable day for Syafana Islamic School when we had the Global Youth Summit MOU signing event between Syafana, represented by our Chairperson, Ibu Ummu Latifah and the President of Hemisphere Foundation, Ms. Ann Phua, and a series of workshops with affected teachers and all students. The prestigious Global Youth Summit, to be held 19-21 January 2020, held twice a year, is a great opportunity for Syafana Islamic School to send thirteen upper secondary student delegates to this event: Dewa, Marsha, Shafira, Faiz, Niero, Sayla, Putri, Akbar, Raditya, Alayya, Azka, Gaizka and Garini. The summit so far has welcomed more than three thousand youths to participate in various activities over the last 5 years.
Ms. Ann Phua was warmly welcomed by all when she gave her talk to different groups of students. She had inspired our students, teachers, and parents for the whole day during her visit to Syafana. The causes that she’s actively driving are: the unhealthy state of earth, unhealthy lifestyle, organic farming,discrimination against women and developing sustainable businesses for impoverished peoples. Specifically, the GYS is her initiative to develop future leaders who can engage with each other on a global level to find sustainable solutions to the many problems facing the global community. These future leaders are gathered in the series planned and thoroughly activities on how they may express their ideas and innovations to answer the concern with the sustainable actions they undertake.

Attending a UN Assembly Model will give students experience on how the UN makes decisions on global issues, which involves building consensus with all countries throughout the world.
They are trained and facilitated by professionals. They will also work in groups of 3 maximum delegates and team up with delegates from different countries. Therefore they are encouraged to engage with other participants as well. For this activity, and all participants are rewarded with an official UN certificate.
One other important session the students will participate in is delivering a one-minute-presentation to try and convince the audience and judges to select their presentation and later compete in the final competition. They have to ensure that they have an effective idea/concept, choose their words carefully, as they try and impress the audience and judges with a short impactful presentation. If they obtain a score higher than 70% portion and 30% from the audience and judges, respectively, they may win the presentation competition. For this, they will get the cash to the maximum value AUS $ 9.000.

After the conference, they are required to continue their actions with their school community, parents, neighbouring schools and the general public when they return to their own country. They are also trained and supported by the Hemisphere Foundation on how planning how to do this well.

We are praying for our students to be well-prepared and increase their confidence as well as their independence so they can strengthen the school’s reputation and brand amongst the participating international communities, as well make our country proud and be ambassadors for Islam….. Aamiin…

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