Muhammad Akbar Primary 6E – 2nd Winner KALBE Junior Scientist Award 2019

Muhammad Akbar is one of Syafana Islamic School students who has a high awareness of his environment. In 2018, he won a prestigious innovation award from Kalbe Junior Scientist Award (KJSA).
This year, again Akbar achieved a high innovation award from KJSA with his amazing innovation, which is an automatic hand-wash machine.
Akbar was one of the talented young innovators at the Kalbe Junior Scientist award 2019 held at the International Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD – Indonesia.
Akbar competed with many young innovators from all over the country and was fortunate to be selected to the final 5.
Like other innovators, Akbar presented his innovation to the judges during the scoring session. He explained his innovation clearly and confidently to the judges and audience.
Congratulations Akbar! Keep innovating for a better future.

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