Notes from Headington Oxford UK: “Cingcangkeling” soar and dance confidently in Headington School, Oxford.

After a two-year covid-19 induced break, Syafana Islamic School students once again participated in the Syafana Boarding Courses (SBC) programme, at Headington School, Oxford, UK. This is the 7th time we participated in the SBC programme which is currently the only multi-campus summer school that has been awarded all 15 areas of strength in a British Council inspection.

In this Summer Course, we met a lot of friends from different countries. And mingling with them, made us want to show off the characteristics of our home country, Indonesia. So, we decided to sing the folk song from West Java “Cingcangkeling” which was arranged by Ustadz Saepul Rijal, M.Pd., a Musical Arts teacher from Upper Secondary. In order to perform at our best, we practiced a few weeks before we left for the UK. We were happy to sacrifice our semester break to practice because we wanted to give our best. We are sure that our confidence in the uniqueness of Indonesia would amaze the eyes and ears of our new friends. The self-confidence instilled by our own School programmes made it easier for us to muster up the courage to appear in front of many people.

And on the night of Saturday, 30th July 2023, on the Talent Show stage, we presented our best performance. All eyes were on us praising the beauty of the lyrics and movements that we brought. Some of the participants even asked to be taught how to sing and dance “Cincangkeling”. Finally, the song “Cingcakkeling” managed to resonate beautifully in the mini-theatre at Headington School, Oxford. Not only that, thanks to the hard work of the students and the Syafana-UK SBC team, we managed to win third place at the SBC Talent Show event.

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