Our Daily Activities at Headington Oxford

Today, students started waking up at 4.30 am to do sholat subuh (we co-ordinated with the houseparents so that they can start at 4 in their rooms). Pleasingly, at one Girl Boarding House they allowed our students to use their common room to pray and the house parents didn’t allow others access to this prayer area for the duration of the prayers.

Our students will start their day at 7.15, have breakfast at 8.20. and at 9am they start their day’s agenda. Their schedule for today will be the English Lesson and Multi-Activity (Volley Ball, Soccer, Catch the Tag and Post Games). They will also have Wellbeing Evening Activity, which is an activity that enables students to be able to evaluate themselves using some writing/drawing methods, motivation seminar, etc.

Our students have socialised with friends from other countries such as South Korea, Switzerland, China, etc.

They can follow the pace for walking, all activities, the tours, and are never late. They are even following the rules well such as cleaning their table after they eat, waking up, and sleeping as scheduled.

We meet when they have their break because they are divided into different groups and houses.
We also encourage them to mingle with other students when they’re having their meals.

For these two weeks, 187 students are gathered from different 46 countries.
So far they seem to enjoy the activities and are making new friends.

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