Syafana International Edufair 2021

There’s lots of benefits that we can get by attending an education fair. It may be obvious but the objective is to get more knowledge of the experience, education curriculum and more. Syafana International Education Fair 2021 virtual event will provide all the relevant details or information that most students, parents and guardians are searching for.

Syafana International Education Fair 2021 provides us with a great platform where professional educationalists and university representatives from all around the world gather in a virtual education exhibition in a form of webinars or seminars to exchange their experience, to get easier interactions with the audience and official representatives, finding out more about a specific major, the programmes and funding opportunities on offer.

The upcoming Syafana International Education Fair 2021, we are eagerly awaiting for, will be a fun, educational and worthwhile event! Our amazing relations with our Media Partners and Sponsorship teams enables us to be able to provide a platform to provide greater interactions with the participants, starting from a giveaway that we’re doing, playing quizzes, and many more. This year we are able to give our participants more activities. Starting with a virtual-live seminar, where many universities can inspire and motivate you to get easier access to their dream college/university. There will be booths, where you can get easier interaction and conversations with the representative of each university and educational institution. Not only you can ask details information about your dream college/university but you can ask also obtain tips & tricks and also suggestions on how to prepare for entering the college/university world! This year, career talks will help you to find your career and passion. We’ve invited professional speakers, the stars of the show, from various field like medical, engineering, entertainment, law, psychology and more. In addition, they are going to talk about their amazing journey to success and their career path to motivate you. Last but not least, the highly anticipated competitions will be there to help you develop your social skills!

If you are interested or curious to find out more detailed information about Syafana International Education Fair 2021 event, check out our social media. Don’t forget to access our website ( for the zoom link for each activity that we provide, check out the information about the university flyers, our background and quickly register your own institutions!

CP (contact person) Sponsorship: Aqila/ +62 813-1994-2880
CP (contact person) Registration: Kalyca/ +62 877-7188-8110
Instagram :@syafanaedufair
TikTok : @syafanaedufair

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