Taklim PTA “Bahaya Fitnah Dajjal di Akhir Jaman”

13912684_1208315599189604_1706461984651970739_nLearn about Islam is the important things in our life. PTA (Parent Teacher Association) of Syafana Islamic School held an event at Tuesday August 02, 2016 at Multifunction Hall. This event take a topic Backstabbing Danger by Dajjal In The End of Age by Uztad Zulfikri M. Ali Lc as announcer for this event. In this session he also promote his new book for audience.

Member of PTA was parents from students of Syafana Islamic School (Paradiso). This event also routine in every 2 weeks at Multifunction Hall of Syafana.

In this discussion tells us how significant to learn about Islam in this age. Learn about Islam is very useful for us. The audience average was Mother from students of Syafana Islamic School. Audience was about 100 people inside. IC

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