“We Miss You Ramadhan“ Assembly of K2 Al-Hamra

IMG_20160830_141428 On Tuesday, 30th of August 2016, K2 Al-Hamra has presented assembly with the theme “We miss you Ramadhan”. Students were very excited about their performance.It was opened by girls’ performance – a dance to “Ramadhan” song by Maher Zaen. All performances shows all the activities during the month of Ramadan as sahur activities, tadarus etc. The message of this performance is: Ramadan is full of mercy, helping, sacrifice and forgiving.
They miss Ramadan, praying Taraweeh, dawn and breakfasting.
The last scene is Takbiran. Reviews their boys and girls shook hands, hugged, forgived and apologized.
Closing of this Assembly was done through a dance “Minal aidin wal faidzin song by Tasya”
Insha Allah, all of us have learned from this story how much we would miss Ramadan IMG-20160830-WA0057

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