Interview With Nadia Camilla

A Feature on Syafana Lower Secondary Student, Nadia Camilla Darmawan

Passion and Retreat in Pursuing the Goals of Life

By: Elza Oktora, S.Sos

In life we have the life-cycle to go through, starting from an infant, a child, young teens, adult and elderly. Those phases of life seems very short to make our life meaningful. Thus we are in the stage of having a self-fulfilment in life in order to make us motivated and enthusiastic on life we are living in. We cannot waste our time and loose opportunities that Allah SWT has provided to use and take them in making us better in our ibadah, akhlaq and deeds. Those important aspects in Islam are fundamental to be internalised in our Future Leaders’ heart and mind. Because from the way do and say, we can value ourselves as adult that we have been fully supporting and guiding them to the right path.

We are so a blessed to have so many talented young people in our School and that they have virtues in their life to carry on and pursue their goals without leaving Islamic values behind. Moreover, Nadia is one of hafidzah of 30 juz Programme. She has participated in the programme since Primary Levels. Here we have one student in Lower Secondary who has been collecting medals in many competitions, with whom we have had special time to chat – none other than Nadia Camilla Darmawan.


  1. What do you think about personal goals, Nadia?

I think that personal goals are something that’s very important for every one of us to have, because they are what keeps us going, for me, at least. By having personal goals, we will be motivated to fight and work hard in order to achieve our goals. On the other hand, without having personal goals, we would lose strength in doing almost anything really, due to the absence of a finish line that we want to accomplish.


  1. How do you excel yourself in achieving your personal goals?

I’m a firm believer that the best way to learn something is by doing it. This applies to almost everything that I do. When I have the goal of getting good grades in math, I exercise math questions. When I have the goal of winning a speech contest, I practice my skills in delivering the speech, and so on. So when I want to get good in something, I try my best to increase the intensity of what I do in that area. But of course, that is as far as what I, a human, can do, which is ikhtiar. The only being that can make me achieve my goals is not myself, but Allah SWT. So I try to put my tawakkal before my ikhtiar and count on Allah SWT more than I count on myself, even though doing that is still difficult for me.


  1. What are your big challenges in reaching your goals?

I’m going to be really blunt here, but honestly people out there are so talented. So many people are so good in so many different aspects, so one out of the many challenges that I’ve faced lately is how tough the competition around me is. But a bigger challenge is honestly, myself. A lot of the things that I do just end up holding me back from achieving what I want, and those include: my laziness, insecurities, lack of motivation, and the urge to just lay in bed and do nothing all day. Sometimes, I am my own enemy, and I have to fight with a part of me who desires something different from the other part.


  1. How do you determine interest in your talent?

Over the past years, I’ve always liked trying new things, so I’m not the type to stick to one. After I explore my capabilities, I get to know which areas peek my interest most and which ones I’m good at. And I think that exploring different skills rather than just one, will open more doors of opportunities for me.


  1. What makes you are interested in speech? What motivates you?

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always liked speaking in general. My family even says I talk way too much, haha. So I thought, it would be better for me to utilise my love of speaking instead of putting it to waste by doing nothing about it. That is when I started developing my passion in public speaking. I also want to make my parents proud of me through my achievements, which is a really big motivation for me to keep going. Through my speeches, I want to be able to move others and inspire them, just like how Prophet Muhammad SAW managed to move the hearts of millions of people using his words. I believe that as young generations, our voices matter and it must be heard, which is why I want to keep pursuing this area.


  1. Do you get support from the people around you such as family, teachers, and school?

I’m very lucky to have received endless support from the people around me. My family fully supports me for what I do, and I’ve gotten way too much appreciation from the school, and my teachers. I also want to give a shout out to my Native English teacher who has helped me evaluate my speeches countless of times, so I feel very blessed to have a fully supportive environment.


  1. Do you have any advice to your friends that you would like to share to inspire them in terms of pursuing personal goals?

The message that I’d like to give you is actually a message that I should be giving myself, and that is to do everything for Allah SWT. Remember that everything in this world is temporary. Don’t try to achieve your goals only to obtain money, wealth or any worldly materials in general, because eventually they will all be gone once you’re dead. The only thing that is permanent and is not temporary is akhirah. So you have to achieve your goals with the intentions of obtaining Allah SWTS blessings, becoming birrul walidayn for your parents, obtaining wealth so you can perform sodaqah, etc. Because I’m sure that we would feel more inspired when we have Jannah as our main, ultimate destination.

That’s our personal interview to get closer with Nadia. From all the achievements and winning in competitions, she is still a young girl who still loves eating instant noodle and enjoying her spare time. Nadia has shown us how we can utilise and maximise our potential and fullfill our purpose in life. Hope the sparks of motivation can ignite other hidden talents to blossom at the next turn. Aamiin…

Nadia’s Profile

Full name :   Nadia Camilla Darmawan

Special interest :   Public speaking

Fave food : Instant noodle

Fave colour  :  Grey

Which things are you scared of :  hardly to think (wink wink)

Which subject you really like :  Math

Which subject you really find challenging :  Math


Nadia’s Achievement

  1. 1st place MBF English Speech Contest 2020
  2. 2nd place National Erlangga English Speech Contest
  3. 2nd place Syafana International Edufair English Essay Writing Contest
  4. Public Relations division Student Council 2020/2021
  5. Moderator Syafana Got Stories Podcast
  6. Silver medal Olimpiade Sains Indonesia by POSI
  7. Gold Medal Kanigara English Grammar Olympiad
  8. Gold Medal Language Olympiad by Instinct.ed
  9. Silver Medal Indonesian Olympiad of Science by POSI
  10. Silver Medal Pre-Ascienco 2 by Olimpiade Kita
  11. Al-Cyber Cup English Speech Contest 2021
  12. SMIIC English Speech Contest 2020
  13. Sekolah Bogor Raya ALC English Speech Contest 2021
  14. Asia International Mathematical Olympiad 2020
  15. American Mathematical Olympiad 2021

Re-Akreditasi Syafana Islamic School Lower – Secondary


Syafana Islamic School Lower Secondary

Dengan mengucapkan rasa syukur kepada Allah SWT, dan apresiasi serta rasa terimakasih kami kepada Yayasan, jajaran Management, Guru, Tenaga Kependidikan, dan Karyawan Syafana Islamic School terlebih kepada Para Orangtua Murid, siswa dan PTA atas doa dan dukungan yang tak terhingga, Lower Secondary telah menjalani proses Akreditasi dengan hasil yang memuaskan.

Proses Re-Akreditasi ini telah diadakan pada 15-16 September 2021 lalu dengan hasil sebagai berikut:
Predikat A Nilai 93.

Semoga kami senatiasa dapat meningkatkan kualitas dan mutu pendidikan demi menghantarkan para calon pemimpin muslim ke masa depan gilang gemilang.

Tangerang, 9 Desember 2021

Kick Off Virtual Vaksin Anak usia 6-11 th oleh Menteri Kesehatan Bapak Budi Gunadi Sadikin dan Gubernur DKI Bapak Anies Baswedan di Syafana Islamic School – Gading Serpong Tangerang

Menteri Kesehatan telah mengeluarkan Keputusan Menteri Kesehatan Republik Indonesia (KMK) Nomor HK.01.07./MENKES/6688/2021 tentang Pelaksanaan Vaksinasi Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Bagi Anak Usia 6 (Enam) Sampai Dengan 11 (Sebelas) Tahun, yang ditandatangani oleh Menteri Kesehatan Budi Gunadi Sadikin pada 13 Desember 2021. Berdasarkan keputusan Kementerian Kesehatan tersebut, maka pada hari Selasa tanggal 14 Desember 2021, anak dengan usia 6-11 tahun sudah bisa mendapatkan vaksin covid-19. Kegiatan vaksin ini secara resmi mulai dilaksanakan secara serentak dilakukan di 3 propinsi di Indonesia, yaitu DKI Jakarta, Banten dan Jawa Barat.

Vaksinasi anak usia 6-11 tahun ini rencananya akan dilakukan secara bertahap. Pada tahap pertama, vaksinasi akan dilaksanakan di provinsi dan kabupaten/kota dengan kriteria cakupan vaksinasi dosis 1 di atas 70% dan cakupan vaksinasi lansia di atas 60%.(sumber :

Kemeterian Kesehatan mencatat ada 26,7 juta anak usia 6-11 tahun yang menjadi sasaran vaksinasi Covid-19. Pemerintah menyiapkan sekitar 58 juta dosis vaksin untuk penyuntikan dosis lengkap dengan menargetkan ketercapaian jumlah orang yang menerima vaksin ini tidak hanya mencapai 70% herd immunity melainkan 70% herd population. Sehingga dapat diharapkan nantinya siswa kembali bersekolah dengan kondisi yang sehat tanpa rasa khawatir. (sumber:

Alhamdulilah pada hari yang sama, Syafana Islamic School Primary Gading Serpong telah terpilih sebagai salah satu sentra vaksin pertama yang diresmikan oleh Bapak Menteri Kesehatan Bapak Budi Gunadi Sadikin dan Gubernur DKI Bapak Anies Baswedan untuk memulai rangkaian kegiatan vaksinasi anak pada usia tersebut.

Dengan ikut sertanya Syafana Islamic School dalam mengikuti pelaksanaan kick off dan juga peran sertanya sebagai sentra vaksin, telah mendapat respon yang sangat positif dari berbagai pihak, yaitu keluarga besar Primary Syafana Islamic School baik siswa, orang tua murid, guru, manajemen dan Yayasan Syafana. Sebanyak kurang lebih 600 siswa Primary Syafana hari pertama ini telah menerima vaksin covid-19 jenis Sinovac yang diberikan dengan interval waktu selama 28 hari (4 minggu) sama halnya dengan interval dewasa dan lansia untuk selanjutnya menerima vaksin ke dua.


Mengapa SINOVAC?

Berdasarkan rekomendasi ITAGI dan hasil EUA dari BPOM, jenis vaksin yang akan digunakan adalah Vaksin Sinovac. Dikarenakan setelah penggunaan Vaksin Sinovac ini telah diteliti memiliki KIPI yang kecil, sehingga dapat diberikan dengan aman untuk anak-anak. KIPI adalah Kejadian Ikutan Pasca Imunisasi. Walaupun ada beberapa negara yang menggunakan vaksinasi dengan platform lain. Indonesia saat ini lebih memilih SINOVAC yang telah melalui proses uji klinis dan seyogyanya aman bagi anak-anak khususnya pada umur 6-11 tahun.

Yang menjadi catatan bagi kami selaku tim persiapan dan penyelenggara kegiatan vaksinasi anak ini adalah dukungan yang luar biasa dari berbagai pihak dan instansi terkait demi terlaksananya kegiatan dengan lancar dan sukses.

Ustadz Marjak, M.Pd selaku Principal Primary Syafana Islamic School Gading Serpong dalam kesempatan yang sama menyampaikan apresiasi secara langsung bahwa terselenggaranya kegiatan ini berkat kerjasama dan dukungan besar dari banyak pihak yaitu Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Primary dan instansi terkait seperti Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Tangerang, Dinas Kesehatan, KOMINFO dan juga Klinik dr. Ranny – Serpong Tangsel yang berperan dalam menghadirkan tim vaksinator dan screening. Juga tak luput apresiasi Principal Primary ini kepada UPT Puskesmas Bojong Nangka Tangerang sebagai tim vaksinator dan screening. Dengan adanya dukungan penuh ini memungkinkan untuk alur dari antrian siswa dan orangtua dalam menunggu menjadi tidak terlalu lama. Sesi vaksin pada hari itu diselenggarakan dibagi menjadi 4 sesi yaitu dari pukul 08.00 – 9.30 dengan interval waktu 1,5 jam per sesinya sehingga crowd peserta dapat dihindari. Ses iterkahir ditutup pada pukul 16.00 setelah memastikan tidak ada lagi peserta yang datang.

Banyak orang tua menyambut positif kegiatan kick off vaksinasi anak ini, walaupun dengan informasi yang sangat cepat dan singkat namun berkat kerja tim yang menyeluruh sehingga mulai dari proses pendaftaran sampai anak divaksin dan diobservasi dapat dikatakan berjalan dengan baik.

Beberapa orang tua saat kami tanyakan pun menyatakan dukungan penuh dikarenakan dengan vaksinasi Covid-19 ini menambah keyakinan dan kepercayaan diri dalam mengantarkan anak kembali ke sekolah untuk belajar dan bertemu dengan guru dan teman-temannya tanpa rasa khawatir lagi. Harapan penuh untuk sekolah dibuka secara offline dengan komposisi kelas 100% akan segera terwujud.

Terima kasih kami ucapkan atas support yang diberikan kepada kami dalam mempersiapkan dan melaksanakan kegiatan vaksinasi ini terutama dari Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Tangerang, Dinas Kesehatan, Kominfo & PTA Primary Syafana Islamic School. Kunjungan dari pejabat publik untuk memantau secara langsung proses pelaksanaanya seperti dari KADISDIK Kabupaten Tangerang, KADISKES Kabupaten Tangerang dan Kepala Kecamatan Kelapa Dua.

Ikhtiar dan doa yang dilakukan oleh semua CIVITAS dan Keluarga Bbesar Syafana Islamic School semoga Allah senantiasa meridhoinya. Aamiin,

-Syafana Islamic School Management-





dr. Kustri Suharningsih
(Parent of Keanu Hafidza Hanan P-6C)
Bertugas di Puskesmas Pagedangan – Tangerang

Saat ini, kasus Covid – 19 di Indonesia sudah menurun. Indonesia berada dalam 3 terendah di ASEAN untuk penambahan kasus kumulatif covid selama 7 hari dari tanggal 26 Oktober 2021 -1 November 2021.  Akan tetapi , masih ada beberapa negara yang mengalami lonjakan kasus. Negara –negara tersebut yaitu  Inggris, Rusia, Singapura dan Vietnam. Lonjakan kasus di Inggris terjadi karena munculnya varian baru yaitu Delta Plus atau AY.4.2 yang merupakan turunan dari Varian Delta. Varian ini ditemukan di Inggris pada Juli 2021. Rendahnya tingkat vaksinasi dan ketidakpercayaan masyarakat kepada vaksin diperkirakan sebagai akibat penyebab terjadinya lonjakan kasus di Rusia.  Sementara itu banyak factor yang diduga menjadi penyebab meningkatnya kasus di Singapura, yaitu penyebaran Varian Delta, bermunculannya klaster aktivitas masyarakat seperti di pusat perbelanjaan, tempat kerja, asrama, dan stasiun serta masih banyaknya lansia yang enggan divaksin. Melonjaknya kasus Covid-19 di Vietnam akibat bermunculannya klaster pasar dan industry, seperti kawasan industry di Ho Chi Minh yang saat itu menjadi episentrum dalam penularan Covid-19.

Indonesia mengalami lonjakan kasus yang cukup hebat yang menyebabkan terjadinya gelombang ke dua covid -19 saat itu. Penyebabnya dipicu oleh adanya periode libur panjang 2020 dan 2021, yaitu :

  1. Libur Idul Fitri 2020

Penambahan 413-559(68-93%) kasus harian baru dan penambahan 2889-3917 kasus mingguan.

  1. Libur Kolektif Maulid Nabi dan Natal 2020

Penambahan 1157-5447 (37-95%) kasus harian baru dan penambahan 8096-38.340 kasus mingguan.

  1. Libur Idul Fitri 2021

Penambahan 1972-46297 (53-1.237%) kasus harian baru dan penambahan 13.931-324.207 kasus mingguan.

Faktor lain yang memperparah kondisi adalah munculnya Varian Delta serta cakupan vaksinasi yang masih rendah saat itu. Terkait Varian Covid 19, dikenal dua varian yaitu, Variant Of Interest (VOI) dan Variant Of  Concern (VOC).  VOI  adalah varian SARS-CoV-2 yang mengalami perubahan genetic, diperkirakan mempengaruhi karakteristik  virus  (penularan, keparahan penyakit, pelepasan kekebalan, pelepasan diagnostic atau terapeutik), dan diidentifikasi sebagai penyebab penularan komunitas yang signifikan atau beberapa klaster Covid-19, dan menyebabkan dampak epidemiologis  nyata  lainnya yang menunjukan risiko yang muncul terhadap kesehatan masyarakat global. Yang termasuk dalam VOI adalah varian Lambda, Mu,Kappa, Iota,Eta,Epsilon. VOC  adalah Varian SARS CoV-2 yang terbukti terkait dengan perubahan pada tingkat signifikansi kesehatan masyarakat yaitu peningkatan penularan, peningkatan virulensi dan penurunan efektivitas kesehatan masyarakat  dan tindakan social atau diagnostic yang tersedia, vaksin, therapy. Yang termasuk dalam Varian ini diantaranya Alpha, Beta, Delta dan Gamma. Pada tanggal 26 November 2021 WHO telah mengumumkan Varian VOC baru yang diberi nama Omicron. Varian ini diketahui menyebar sangat cepat di Afrika Selatan dan penyebarannya lebih cepat dibandingkan Delta dan Beta. Varian ini disinyalir meningkatkan risiko reinfeksi pada orang yang sudah pernah terinfeksi Covid-19. Mutasi pada varian Omicron, berpotensi menurunkan kemampuan respon imun terhadap Covid 19. Potensi ini dapat menurunkan kemampuan vaksin dan therapy antbody. Saat ini, Omicron telah terdeteksi di beberapa negara yaitu :

Berkaca dari pengalaman yang telah lalu dan dengan ditemukannya varian baru covid-19, kita seharusnya dapat mengambil banyak pelajaran berharga. Bahwa meskipun saat ini kasus sudah melandai dan vaksinasi sudah jauh lebih baik capaiannya, kita harus tetap waspada dan tidak boleh lengah. Sebentar lagi kita akan memasuki libur Natal dan Tahun Baru . Waspada selalu akan sekecil apapun kenaikan kasus dan waspadai terjadinya gelombang ke 3 covid di Indonesia. Penanganan pandemi tidak bisa dilakukan oleh satu sektor saja,melainkan butuh komitmen bersama, butuh kekompakan dan disiplin dan konsisten melakukan upaya-upaya preventif yang sudah ditetapkan. Pemerintah bersama –sama pihak berwenang yang terkait telah menyusun beberapa strategi sebagai antisipasi terjadinya gelombang ke 3 saat libur Natal dan Tahun Baru yaitu :

  1. Penyesuaian pembukaan aktivitas diikuti pengendalian di lapangan yang ketat.
  2. Menertibkan mobilitas pelaku perjalanan international dengan aturan protokol kesehatan yang ketat.
  3. Memastikan mayarakat tetap melakukan 3M dengan disiplin dan konsisten.
  4. Mempercepat laju vaksin pada seluruh kelompok umur (terutama lansia dan anak).
  5. Kampanye protokol kesehatan untuk meningkatkan kedisiplinan masyarakkat dan pembentukan satgas 3M di fasilitas publik.
  6. Mengoptimalkan peran dan fungsi Posko Desa/ kelurahan.
  7. Memperkuat peran PEMDA dalam mengawasi kegiatan masyarakat dan melakukan edukasi protokol kesehatan.
  8. Penggunaan PeduliLindungi sebagai aplikasi skrining dan penerapan protokol kesehatan digital.
  9. Mempersiapkan stok obat, vaksin, kesiapan respon RS, perawat serta dokter untuk antisipasi lonjakan kasus.

Mari kita dukung upaya-upaya pemerintah tersebut dengan turut mengambil bagian dan berperan aktif dimulai dari diri sendiri dan linkungan keluarga terdekat, sambil terus mengajak dan mengingatkan masarakat lain untuk selalu menerapkan protokol kesehatan yaitu Mencuci Tangan, Menggunakan Masker, Menjaga Jarak , Menghindari kerumunan, Mengurangi mobilitas dan Segera melakukan vaksinasi Covid-19. Jaga diri dengan lingkungan yang positif dan membangun,penuhi asupan tubuh agar tetap sehat , bangit untuk menggerakan roda ekonomi dan bersama-sama kita pertahankan prestasi Indonesia dalam menangani pandemi ini. Dengan kerja keras, komitmen serta doa kita bersama, kita optimis Indonesia akan berhasil melewati badai ini dan keluar sebagai pemenangnya. INDONESIA BISA, INDONESIA SEHAT, INDONESIA HEBAT…INSYAA ALLAH, YUUUK, BISAA YUUUK…


1st Semester Final Examination Hybrid exams – Lower Secondary

We are now approaching the end of our first semester 2021. Conducting examinations in times of Covid-19 presented a number of challenges for all involved. Many students had difficulties in accessing online examination platform due to the unstable internet connection. Our students had to face the challenges of losing the chance to review or recheck their answers as a result of sudden connection failures. The monitoring system of our invigilators was also hard to manage. There were a number of students who were not able to understand the questions, received inadequate direct support from teachers, where physical distancing rules made face-to-face communication difficult.

Alhamdulillah, Lower Secondary have finally implemented a hybrid examination model to offer a much more efficient and effective process of examination this time. The school was equipped by infrastructure to facilitate a more stable examination platform making it easier for our students to perform their best.

The provision of stable internet was the key factor to enable our students to focus and successfully complete their examinations.

We realised those advantages would not be feasible unless we had also equipped them with clear expectations in terms of rules and regulations. Using a second device such as smartphone connected to zoom or additional webcam or mirror may enable a different approach on how we treat students equally. For the examination this time, students were informed that everybody must use a second device for the examination or they will be removed from zoom and considered not participating in the exam.

We understood that applying the new standard and procedure could be a challenge, with possible disobedience and ignorance from our students. But, alhamdulillah, most students understood the policy and put it in practice during the examinations.

We hope the support can continue, so that we can assess how much we are progressing on how all of us (school and the stakeholders) can manage challenging situations together.

Congratulations on the success of Syafana International Edu Fair 19th – 20th November 2021

Alhamdulillahirobbil alaamiin

Syafana International Education Fair 2021 (SIEF 2021) ran well from 19th-20th November 2021 with more than 30 international and national universities and educational institutions participating and attended by more than 600 participants.

Thank you for the hard work and support from the Foundation, management, teachers, parents and especially the SIEF 2021 committee of Lower and Upper Secondary.

We hope that SIEF 2021 will bring benefits to many people and broaden students’ knowledge in continuing their education at a higher level.

See you at the next SIEF!

Penganugerahan Pahlawan Nasional kepada Almarhum Raden Arya Wangsakara

Oleh: Bima Rizki Prayogo

Mengenang jasa para pahlawan yang telah memperjuangkan bangsa Indonesia adalah salah satu wujud mencintai sejarah dan bangsa ini.

Selamat Hari Pahlawan Indonesia.

Selamat untuk pejuang Tangerang, Alm. Raden Arya Wangsakara yang telah dinobatkan menjadi salah satu pahlawan nasional karena beliau merupakan pejuang yang mendirikan Tangerang dan banyak melahirkan manfaat bagi kemajuan negara.

Gugur satu, tumbuh seribu. Memang pilu wahai pahlawan dan bunga bangsaku, terima kasih atas jasa dan perjuanganmu.

Selamat Hari Pahlawan
Rabu, 10 November 2021.

Syafana International Edufair 2021

There’s lots of benefits that we can get by attending an education fair. It may be obvious but the objective is to get more knowledge of the experience, education curriculum and more. Syafana International Education Fair 2021 virtual event will provide all the relevant details or information that most students, parents and guardians are searching for.

Syafana International Education Fair 2021 provides us with a great platform where professional educationalists and university representatives from all around the world gather in a virtual education exhibition in a form of webinars or seminars to exchange their experience, to get easier interactions with the audience and official representatives, finding out more about a specific major, the programmes and funding opportunities on offer.

The upcoming Syafana International Education Fair 2021, we are eagerly awaiting for, will be a fun, educational and worthwhile event! Our amazing relations with our Media Partners and Sponsorship teams enables us to be able to provide a platform to provide greater interactions with the participants, starting from a giveaway that we’re doing, playing quizzes, and many more. This year we are able to give our participants more activities. Starting with a virtual-live seminar, where many universities can inspire and motivate you to get easier access to their dream college/university. There will be booths, where you can get easier interaction and conversations with the representative of each university and educational institution. Not only you can ask details information about your dream college/university but you can ask also obtain tips & tricks and also suggestions on how to prepare for entering the college/university world! This year, career talks will help you to find your career and passion. We’ve invited professional speakers, the stars of the show, from various field like medical, engineering, entertainment, law, psychology and more. In addition, they are going to talk about their amazing journey to success and their career path to motivate you. Last but not least, the highly anticipated competitions will be there to help you develop your social skills!

If you are interested or curious to find out more detailed information about Syafana International Education Fair 2021 event, check out our social media. Don’t forget to access our website ( for the zoom link for each activity that we provide, check out the information about the university flyers, our background and quickly register your own institutions!

CP (contact person) Sponsorship: Aqila/ +62 813-1994-2880
CP (contact person) Registration: Kalyca/ +62 877-7188-8110
Instagram :@syafanaedufair
TikTok : @syafanaedufair

Student’s achievements will always be highly valued and appreciated

Recently, one of our students, Valzan, won a bronze medal in SEAMO 2021, which was held online on the 23rd of October, 2021.

SEAMO South East Asian Mathematical Olympiad, is held every year to find any students who are exceptionally talented and have special a interest in Math.
SEAMO which has been organised online and was attended by 288 participants is one of the competitions that develops critical thinking in Math problem solving.
Alhamdulillah, Valzan has proven his ability and, as a result, received the medal for Grade 8 level.

To be a Future Islamic Leader, you must find opportunities to excel in what you are happy with and good at. We hope this success will continue to inspire and aspire other students in Syafana Islamic School.

Mid-Semester Examination – First Semester 2021 Lower Secondary – Syafana Islamic School

Teaching and learning is a holistic process. It is not necessarily only to assess how far students have understood the concepts or knowledge learnt, but examinations is also an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their teaching ways and methodologies. Moreover, the school is able to assess how much learning can be better facilitated and customised to students’ learning styles or needs.

Based on our evaluation over the past few years, we’ve decided to review our examination policies. This time for the 1st mid semester examinations we have applied new rules and regulations for Lower Secondary to use surveillance devices during the examinations. This policy is to ensure that each student has appropriate monitoring to ensure that everyone feels they are treated equally. The device also has the benefit of maintaining the focus of our students to complete the exams without being distracted.

We certainly hope that using this monitoring system during the examinations can build mutual trust between teachers, parents and students, not only result in good marks, but most importantly to raise self-confidence and responsibility of our students as they engage in life-training. We wish our students the best and that all the examinations processes will run smoothly and successfully.

Some parents have given positive feedback to our Homeroom Teachers regarding of using the surveillance tools for our mid-semester examinations. Even though there were also some who unsure how much it would benefit our students before the exams started.

The reason is that learning will be more impactful when the School has full support from home. We are grateful so far to our parents who are very supportive and accommodative about their child’s learning.